3 Things Every Business Needs

With These 3 Things You Can't Go Wrong

Startups and solopreneurs come to us all of the time looking for the best combination of things to get their branding and marketing off of the ground. We give them the same answer every, single, time. 

the SPOUT is a simple wordmark, or text-logo

1. A Great Logo

Your logo is the great symbol of your business. It's your chief identifier in the marketplace, on the web, across social media, on your packaging and elsewhere. If you think about it, your logo is really your first employee - and the one you charge to work the hardest. 

A logo is only a foundation, though. It's not your whole brand. It's the place from which all of things begin. Building a brand is about a lot more than one visual identifier. It's about developing an entire visual - even tactile - identity, with strong correlating experiences. We'll delve into that more later, today we are here to talk about how to get you started. 

The next item on your list should be . . . 

2. Business Cards

Few things are as powerful as actually giving someone some part of your identity to take with them. Impressions are seldom enough in a fast-paced global marketplace. Business cards still meet their purpose (print will never die). Business cards are probably more dynamic than you might realize.

To create a strong impression you should consider your cards:

  • color
  • texture
  • design
  • message

The right card will leave the right impression and get you going places. 

the SPOUT owner Finley Pendleton has neat biz cards


the SPOUT facebook business page

3. Social Media

It's all about meeting people where they are, right? We are all some platform these days, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat - or any combination there of! In recent months (years) the marketplace has integrated into social media in ways that make serving your audience easier than ever. From in-feed purchases to showcasing work in real-time via Instagram - the opportunities to excite and engage with your audience is endless. 

Things to consider: 

  • branding your profile with custom graphics and a logo adapted for social media
  • custom graphics and quality photograph to show off your products and services in posts
  • developing a strong, consistent voice in the character of your brand

Seriously, if you can start with these three things you'll be on a great path. You'll have a symbol to represent your business online and in the world. You'll have a business card to hand out when you're networking or meeting future clients. Even better, you'll have a place to connect with everyone online.  It's a fantastic start. Now get back to working! 

This post is the first in four on a series about the Three Things Every Business Needs. Read the second , third and fourth post here. 

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