Business Resolutions 1: Make Mondays Matter

Make Mondays Matter

Make room on your calendar for you. 

Every Monday in 2015, take time to plan ahead. Whether you plan ahead for the whole year, or you're working for the month - even if you're down to the week. The benefits of creating a plan to meet your goals will pay off. Even better, the more you get in the habit of planning, the better you will be able to look back and assess how you've done, what works for you and your business, and so on and so forth. 

We encourage you to start the year with an eye toward your largest goals, no matter how far off in the calendar they may be. Even if you know you can only take on planning week by week, at least you can tune each week toward carrying you toward the bigger picture. 

If you need assistance, there are plenty of project management tools out there. From tools in Google Business, to web-based programs like Bootcamp, there are tools to keep you organized along the way. 

Once you get this started you'll be ready to take on other resolutions in 2015. Stay tuned to find out more. 

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