4 Tips to Make Your Small Business Look Big

Businesses shouldn’t be judged by their size. The smallest business might possess the best expertise, the ultimate product and/or the best service experience in town. But, the truth is, they are often judged by their size if their size is perceived negatively. Technology can do much to make your business look much larger than it is - and therefore much more like the authority it already is. Here are some tips we’ve compiled to get you going.

Own Your Own Domain Name and Email

If you’re using Yahoo, Gmail, or any other free, cloud-based email service . . . STOP! You can still use Gmail to operate your email, as long as it’s Gmail for Business and your email’s @ address goes to the same address as your website. With that said, in this day and age, there is little excuse not to own your own domain name. The process is easy and the cost low. Get on it. Do not underestimate the impression that a generic email address, or domain name, can have on a consumer.

Invest In A Quality Website

Website design is easier than ever, mostly because web designers are doing the work for us, even without hiring them. Advanced content management systems are making building a website a highly intuitive process. Take time to invest in building a quality website. No matter whether your website houses your online store is mainly informational, or even strictly directional, a positive website experience inspires in-store traffic and builds interest in your brand.

Brand Your Products

In particular, we recommend branding your packaging. Be it the cardboard boxes you ship items in, or a cloth or paper bag you hand over to a customer, leave your mark on it. There is a clear difference in receiving a plain box in the mail and receiving one with a thoughtful design, your company name, even contact information. It shows pride in your products and helps to create conversations about your customer’s shopping experience.

Get Your Name Out There

To build awareness of your brand, and foster faith in your product or service, you need to amplify your message. There are many ways to do this. Invite your customers to write reviews on your website and social media accounts. Persuade journalists who cover your industry to publish about your particular abilities and role in your market. Build a presence in local media through content and ad placement.

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