Markdown Cheat Sheet

Squarespace’s markdown block allows you to use markdown language to style text, create lists, create block quotes, and more. But . . . you have to know markdown to use the block.

So, we’ve put together this cheat sheet so that you can make the most of this quiet, yet versatile block.

Simple Text Style

Italic = *italic*

Bold = **bold**


Inline link = This is how you create an [linked text] ( “link title”).

Superscript And Subscript

Superscript =<sup>2</sup>

Subscript = <sub>2</sub>


Inline: ![alt text](/path/img.jpg “image title”)


Heading 1 = # Heading Text

Heading 2 = ## Heading Text


Ordered, without paragraphs =

  1. Content

  2. Content

Unordered, with paragraphs =

  • Content

  • Content

Nested =




> Email-style angle brackets are used for blockquotes.

>> You can also nest them.


> * You can quote a list.

> * Etc.

> To break the nested blockquote, add a space between lines.

Add another line to resume regular paragraph text.

Code Spans

`<code>` spans are delimited by backticks.

You can include literal backticks like `` `this` ``

Horizontal Rules



Text Colors & Fun

Color = The beginning of the sentence <span style="color:red">cardinals</span>.

Font Change = The beginning of the sentence <span style="font-family:Papyrus; font-size:4em;">LOVE!</span>