3 Ways Markon Printing Can Make Your Day Easier


Earlier this week, Markon Owner + Lead Designer, Kristine, wrote to our email subscribers to talk about the launch of Markon Printing (www.markonprinting.com). You might be wondering why we would spend time building a new website for a service we've offered for years. The answer is easy. We believe technology should make life simple, and by building a robust website that allows you to select the products you need, get instant quotes, and place orders (with or without artwork), we've removed the multiple steps that used to stand in between your initial idea and the act of completing an order with us. 

What MarkonPrinting.com is good for: 

When you explore www.markonprinting.com you'll find options for a large variety of products, from the everyday business card, to large format printing, signs and more. But, what is the new site really good for? We'll be honest: for traditional print items. That means, the next time you need to order business cards, or custom labels, or rack cards, Markon Printing is an excellent way to place a quick order. It's also a great location when your small business needs banners and postcards for a trade show. Or custom letterhead to issue formal mail to clients. The possibilities are plentiful. 

what else can you do with markonprinting.com? 

One of the most exciting features of www.markonprinting.com is the ability to order a direct mail campaign. Some of our clients use direct mail campaigns to target hyper-local audiences, even down to the neighborhoods they live in. Doing so requires them to acquire addresses and then feed us those addresses so that we can coordinate a mass mailing after designing the actual campaign itself. Technology makes the process less complicated, but the new Markon Printing site makes it even easier than before. With our often instant quote feature you can now price a potential campaign without having to call our office. You're now completely in the driver's seat (for most of the ride). 

what does this mean for markon? 

With www.markonprinting.com in place, we can spend more time focusing on design work and refining other services to make life easier for you. Our clients are often the business owners or CEOs themselves and we know you have a lot on your plate already, you don't need to expend anymore time than necessary on ordering marketing materials for your company. 

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