mbd Talks #OptOutside on #Slack

We May Not Actually Go Outside, But We <3 #OptOutside

We don't usually put ourselves on blast like this, but this afternoon the team at mbd had a spirited discussion on #Slack about REI's #OptOutside campaign. This campaign strikes a chord with us for a number of reasons. Here are a few: 

First: Black Friday Is Out. Of. Hand.

Second: From a branding standpoint, the #OptOutside campaign offers a wellspring of lessons to emerging brands.

Third: From a communications standpoint, the campaign is a beautiful display of digital technologies and website design. 


REI'S #OptOutside campaign is brilliant from a brand standpoint and just plain good business. They've put their employees first in a way that honors their brand and simultaneously shares their values and their purpose. Bravo, to REI! (oh and one last thought below!)