Building a Multilingual Website on Squarespace

As Squarespace developers, we put a lot of care into the design and build of your website, but we fundamentally understand that it’s ultimately the content that makes the website. Your content inspires visitors to convert into customers and existing customers to grow into brand loyalists - not your web design. Content is king and for global brands that need to share content in multiple languages, Squarespace offers a few ways to create seamless user experiences across languages.

Historically, there were linguistic and technical hurdles to building multilingual sites, but Squarespace’s platform cuts down the time it takes for developers to create and organize your content in the various languages your brand supports. And, if you don’t have content readily translated into multiple languages, a number of Squarespace-compatible products exist on the market to instantly translate all of your content. That means both your front-end (public) and back-end (SEO) content.


We can build multiple versions of your website on the same domain and Squarespace account. Each version (English, Spanish, Mandarin) is completely customizable so that you’re sharing unique content that’s appropriate for each audience.

Apps, such as WeGlot, make the instant translation of your content easy and seamless for the user. It’s a great way to expand your reach to users of any language, beyond the ones you primarily do business with.

Squarespace’s platform cuts down on development time, so multilingual sites don’t have to take “extra time” to develop. As long as you have the content lined up, we can build a multilingual site in the same amount of time we would take to develop a site in a single language.

TLDR: Technology makes it simple and cost-effective to build a multilingual website on Squarespace with no extra development time required.