A Good Site is Always Improving

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. On Building Markon's New Website

It Takes a Team . . .

On December 1st, Markon quietly retired the former iteration of our website and breathed life into the powerhouse of a website this blog post proudly lives on today. It was a momentous action that came at the end of a month-long, intensive, team-wide effort to build a website that could serve each our current and prospective clients, as well as ourselves. We poured our creativity, technical know-how and technical curiosity into this project. As a result, not only have we built a new business asset, but we’ve strengthened our cohesion as a creative team.

The website is a digital expression of the evolution of Markon itself. In the last few years, the company has grown from a local sign shop, to a boutique marketing firm, to now a burgeoning brand management company. Our clientele is expanding to include everything from the local entrepreneur, small-to-mid-size businesses, to larger organizations - in a wide variety of sectors, from restaurants and salons to energy companies and engineering services firms.. Our clientele are spreading out too. From Seattle to Southern, Oregon and from Eastern Washington to Hawaii, we’re putting our mark on organizations in a growing number of localities.

With this in mind, we set out to build something that would ultimately provide a meaningful experience to our current and prospective clients. In our mind, meaningful is synonymous with words like useful, impactful and successful. We wanted to build something that would facilitate conducting business with us; provide valuable information; and ultimately prove to be a valuable visit.

To achieve this, we turned to the 5 “ives.”

Our New Website is Responsive: First things first. When building a new website, user experience should be at the heart of your design. Not only in the utility the website provides, but in its aesthetic, organization and structural layout. It’s important that those fundamentals translate when the site is accessed on any device. With that said, we set out to build a responsive website, that withholds its aesthetic quality and functional organization when accessed on a traditional computer, tablet or smartphone.

Now our clients can access our site with complete ease, when at home on their tablet, or in a meeting from their smartphone. Wherever you are, when an idea strikes, we are ready to meet you, from any device.

It Had To Be Interactive: One of our favorite new features on the website is our “Contact” application. Presented a “Markon Yellow” button/pop up on the bottom right side of each page on the new site, our new Contact tool takes the cake in capability. Now clients can build a profile on our website, and log into that profile every time they interact with us through the site. The application allows clients to message us, make a payment on their account, or simply schedule an appointment with us.

Our human team is only available 8 hours per day - a business tenement we stick to. Now, with our new contact application, our 24-hour-a-day digital employee, our website, can meet our client’s most rudimentary needs, while providing a tool for clients to schedule our attention when we’re back in the office. We love it.

Informative: As users, we visit websites to gain new information. As a business, we build websites to inform the users who will become (or are) our clients. We wanted our website to go further than its previous iteration, so we included a broader, easy to navigate portfolio, client testimonials and a “Start” page that gives our client’s a taste of the types of services we may provide them.

Our blog, which we are investing in more than ever, includes quick tips and ideas to help small-to-midsize businesses with their branding, communications, and sales. Beginning with this post, it will also be a place to find out what we’re working on, and how things are evolving at Markon.

It Should Be a Constructive Experience: The three previous “ives” culminate in what we believe is a constructive experience. For new clients, the website should be an essential key to information building. For a prospective client ready to engage with us, it’s a more powerful channel for engagement than ever before. And, for established clients, sharing files with us, making payments, or just dropping a note is easier than ever.

Visits Should be Productive, For Everyone: We won’t deny it. The tools we’ve implemented for our clients make our lives as easy as they do theirs. In concentrating multiple channels for engagement in one application, we can manage payments, file sharing, appointment scheduling and communication from one dashboard. Similarly, our clients can now track their interactions with us when they register on the site (though the contact tool). Streamline processes is always a positive.

We’ve built this new site for you. Your feedback on the website is welcome. To do so, just open the Contact tool and drop us a line.