Organization + Content Strategy

Organization + Content Strategy

A few posts ago I mentioned a clever application known as Evernote. It’s a tool that lets you capture content from the Internet, or produce your own, and store it in the cloud, for use from your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. I love it, and as a content strategist, it’s incredibly useful as I need to jot down ideas as I have them and save articles and snippets of news all of the time. Organizing that content definitely makes my job easier, and so today I want to talk about a few things that content strategists at small-to-midsize businesses can do to organize information for their own purposes.

Use Cloud-Based Storage

Accessibility is paramount. Whether you’re listening to Marketplace on the train to work, sitting in a seminar downtown, or at home reading a novel, you need to be able to take notes and save links, photos, and videos, in a space where you can upload or download that content later - from anywhere. Some free (with limitations) applications/services you can use include:

  • Evernote

  • Microsoft OneNote

  • Google Apps For Work

  • Apple iWorks / iCloud Drive

Undoubtedly, if you review the app store relevant to your operating system there are many more options, but the ones listed above are definitely tried and true in the workplace. Give one of them a go!

Keep An Ideas List

Seriously, this is important for anyone who manages content for a brand. Even if - or especially if - you wear other hats in your organization, you should be documenting ideas you have for future content (or remixes of published content). Here’s why I think this is important:

  • The list documents the evolution of your ideas over time.

  • It becomes a reference point to launch new content strategies.

  • Sometimes you have a great idea, but it’s not the right time - this saves it for later.

  • You can’t be expected to remember everything, all of the time, and especially not in detail.

Organize Published Content For Easy Retrieval

Of course, published content is archived on your website or social platform for retrieval, but sometimes you need the original file for something else, or to publish it again with new information. I make sorting content a priority once or twice a month. Otherwise, if I don’t, the images we create every day just start to pollute my desktop or storage applications.

Use A Chat Service To Keep Up With Your Colleagues

We are big proponents of Slack in this office. We take advantage of Slack to its full potential and use it throughout the idea, in and out of the office. Not only is it a great place to chat and file share, but it’s a great place to aggregate links and other content, and even to co-write posts with the applications “Post” feature. You can create channels to organize conversations or content however you’d like. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your team of content writers, or the people in the field who are you might be sending you photos of feedback from the field.

When you work with a slew of files and multiple iterations of documents, organization is key to preventing your everyday life from being one giant headache. Consider adopting some of these ideas, and looking into others, too. Organization is key to performance and excellent performance makes for a strong brand experience. It’s all related. Trust me.

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