Meet ‘Contact’ Our New Favorite Tool

Interaction, Engagement . . . We’ve Found One Tool To Spur It On

When we set out to build out new website, our primary goal was to facilitate the user experience by prioritizing the addition of embedded applications, we’ll call them tools, that would make visits to our site more meaningful. With that in mind, we drew up a list of what we thought users might want to do when visiting our site. Schedule a meeting? Sure, you can do that now. Need to make a payment, but can’t make it into our office? We’ve got you covered. Just need to drop us a message, but not sure who to email? Just message us on our site, that’ll work, and someone will be with you shortly.

It’s a win, win. No wonder it is our favorite feature on the new website.

We Wanted To Give Users A Tool That Would Make Working With Us Easier

To Call Us: You are sitting at your desk, and you have a question about your order. You pop over to our website looking for a phone number and you see the Contact button on the bottom right of your screen. You click it. You immediately notice the call option and you click it. You realize it’s trying to interface with your Skype account to call us straight from your desk. So you do it. It’s a  powerful step forward that makes us available to anyone with a Skype account that can call a landline.

Or, maybe you don’t have Skype. That’s okay. Our number is prominently featured for you type into your office or mobile phone.

Too Busy to Call? Maybe instead of that scenario, you’re in a meeting and your supervisor asks you to gather information about us. You head over to our website and see the Contact button. You open it and see the “Send A Message” button, featured prominently in the immediate popup. Now you can send us notes without even opening your email. Just visit our website and send a message over.

Now, if you do that. . . it will prompt you to create a profile with our site. That might seem unnecessary at first, but if you’re a regular customer, it is a valuable tool. By creating a profile, you can log into our site and check your message and appointment history with us, your payments and whether you actually shared that file with us that you mentioned the other day.
Speaking of. Making a payment is now easier than ever. Previously our clients came to our location or phoned in their payment. Either way, it required a Markon employee to be present and available to process the payment. This is no longer true. Now clients can pull up our site, open the Contact tool and choose to pay on their account. The system will take their payment and email us so that we know exactly when and how the payment was made. You’ll get an email too!

File sharing is so important. We need your art files, scanned sketches, blog posts, etc. Now you can send them to us directly through our website via the Contact tool. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Ready to visit? Not everything can, or should, happen online. Sometimes you need to sit across from someone and hash out your ideas, or review design mockups together.

Whatever the case may be, we are here for you, and scheduling time with us is now easier than ever. The Contact tool has a button just for scheduling appointments. It will let you know when we are free, allow you to select time and notify us of your requested appointment. If, for some reason, we can’t make it, we’ll email you back with suggested alternatives. To make it even better, the system will email you the day of the appointment to remind you - a feature that is perfect for any busy business owner.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Bells and whistles aside. The Contact tools best feature is that it optimizes everyone’s time by streamlining major client interactions in one place, to be managed by one dashboard. For our clients who invest the time in creating a profile, it benefits them by creating a detailed record of their interactions with us. For us, it makes communication and project management a snap.
If you’re thinking about incorporating something similar to your website, and need a bit of help, contact us.

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