3 Examples From the Diverse World of Product Packaging


How many times have you stopped to pick up a product because the packaging caught your attention? Great packaging is not only eye-catching, it's informative. Creative and strategic use of text, imagery, material and form conveys a lot about a brand's character and values. We encourage you to get creative with your packaging. Here are three examples to help inspire you. 

Design by Tad Carpenter. 


These designs are increasingly in popularity but they are by no means for every brand. In terms of design, what's at play here is creative uses of typography to not only tell a story, but lead the eye, and give an impression about the character of the brand. We find it visually fascinating. Why does that wrapper so so much? What does it have to tell me? I should learn more. I should buy it! 

Bread & Butter. By student Morgan Rose.


 Sometimes it's the simplest of ideas accentuating by design and craftsmanship. Of course it makes sense to place fresh artisan bread in an exquisitely designed pouch  - yet how often do you see something this visually stunning? Congrats to design student Morgan Chase for this excellent, eye-catching, rumbly in our tummy, work. 

Number the Stars. Fine Bourbon.



Great design will get you far, but great design paired with the right material chosen with attention to the form of what you're marketing and you have a winning product. Whether you go simple, or complex, or simply busy, achieving the right attention to these three details will serve your brand well. 

Product packaging should be part of every brand's marketing portfolio. Done well, it elevates standard packaging into a brand ambassador that travels directly into the homes, offices, and lives of your consumers.

To see examples of our own work in product packaging design, check out this case study.