Photography For Your Website

A Picture Online Is Worth 1,000 Impressions

The moment a new visitor lands on your website they are typically evaluating whether or not to stay. From years of studying web analytics, we know that a visitor will decide whether to stay or go within 30 seconds. What they see as soon as they land on your website is critical. Before they even take time to read, the images present on the site tell an important story, and therefore they are just as important - if not more important - as the written words on your site. Investing in professional photography to showcase what your business is and does is a critical step in not only creating an effective website but developing other marketing material that can sell what you do.

Three Reasons To Invest in Photography For Your Website


Is the space you work in a great way to show your customers what things are like "behind-the-scenes?" Your website (and Instagram) is a great place to show that kind of intimate look at where your product is made without actually giving away the secret sauce.

Is the space you work in a great way to show your customers what things are like "behind-the-scenes?" Your website (and Instagram) is a great place to show that kind of intimate look at where your product is made without actually giving away the secret sauce.

First and foremost, you want to be authentic (and we want you to be, too). It’s hard for both parties (client and web designer), to build a website for a patisserie and then use stock photography of pastries and bread. The people visiting your website deserve to see your brick and mortar location and the products you offer, in their authentic form. This goes a long way in helping a website visitor decide if they want to travel to your location and make a purchase. If they enjoy that purchase and recommend you to a friend, they can then share the link to your website with authentic photos. Imagine if they come to your brick and mortar location expecting to find exactly what they saw online, but instead, find something incredibly different. This could actually damage your reputation.


In addition to authenticity, professional photographs of your space, products, and services serve to educate potential customers about your business. Imagine selling a kitchen device, but only having words to describe its appearance and function. It would be next to impossible to sell online - or drive people to visit your physical store. Photography makes instantly apparent the attributes of products and places. For service providers, photographs help potential customers imagine themselves in the service experience, or benefiting from the end result of one. There are just some things words can’t quite capture.

Visual Leads

Going back to the original point, photographs are lead content that helps capture the attention of potential customers. This is true on websites and in other marketing material. For this reason, and the preceding two others, it’s important that photography for your website and marketing collateral be professional, high-resolution, and current. This is an area of content that should not be overlooked or deemed “too big” for any business. This is important for both the large corporation and the solopreneur trying to bootstrap a great idea.

Make The Most Of Capturing Photos For Your Site

Hire A Professional Photographer For Your Business Needs

There are a plenty of photographers with specialties that make sense for businesses. Some focus entirely on capturing products in white box environments. Some take product shots in their authentic spaces. Others are great at capturing apparel on models or capturing industrial equipment at work. Whatever your needs are, it’s worth taking some time to identify a photographer whose style and specialty makes sense for you.

Define A Photographic Style And Have A Shot List

Professional photography can be a sizable investment. We recommend preparing by reviewing other photographs and determining a style of photo that you believe will best serve your audience’s needs while also representing your business. Think about the composition of the photo, the angle of the camera and lighting. A consistent style will help create authority around your content and help people who encounter the photographs in your marketing material recognize them as part of your brand/business.

Equally as important, we recommend taking time to develop a shot list aka a list of all the things that should be captured by the photographer. This will help ensure you get the most out of your time with the photographer and that you have what you need to market your business.

Think Ahead Toward Other Marketing Endeavors

Make the most of the photographs you invest in. A good marketing and/or design team can figure out how to incorporate them in other marketing materials and make the photographs work so that they complement each other across platforms.