The Power of the Style Guide

Structure. Consistency. Success.

We see a lot of interesting things come through our door. Some of our clients tell us they’ve been DIYing their branding and marketing for years. Or, their neighbor made the logo after a 1-hour Adobe Creative webinar. Or, sometimes, it’s worse.

When it comes to DIYing your branding or marketing collateral, the results are as varied as your creativity and ability to produce. Trust us when we say, the return on investment is just as varied. So can be the consequences.

One of the most valuable benefits of creating a brand identity plan (or visual identity plan), is that it provides you with a framework by which to make all of your future decisions. Consistency in your branding is one of the keys to success. It is also one of the comforts that branding can provide. It shores up questions about identity and how you will visually present your identity to your audience and the world.

This is where you want to bring in the professionals. Why? Because the branding process is more than just style points and questions of design. It is an exploration of your identity. No branding process is complete if you haven’t asked yourself who you are, what you do, and where you’re going. Branding gurus take this information, their knowledge of markets, audience, and design, and then build a framework around an image that tells you how to visually represent yourself in the world.

Your identity AND your goals, tell us how to visually represent you. Once that is established, you have a framework by which to make future decisions about nearly everything. The consistency this framework provides will make sure that the messages you send out relate to one another. In turn, your brand will become increasingly recognizable. This is important. Recognition leads to word-of-mouth promotion. The sooner your brand becomes part of your audience’s conscious, the better.

Now, we know that even the business owner with the best intentions is going to try to DIY something - at some point - even when they know it kills us. Which is why we want you to the direction a style guide provides. It will make DIYing easier for you, and less damaging for your brand.

We can help. Our branding experts will meet with you, get to know you, and develop a plan that will get you moving in the right direction. It’s worth the investment.

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