Print Management For Your Brand

It’s About Creating A Complete Experience

We recently took part in a learning experience about the “everywhere brand.” It’s the idea that your brand should be present to perform in all of the spaces where your customers might find you. This is by no means a new concept, nor one we’ve only recently subscribed to. We’ve been working to help our clients be present at all of the touchpoints that their customers might experience, from the signage they see on the street, to the digital listing they find in a local search.

Admittedly, for years the focus has been on the real world touchpoints that our clients can create on a local level. They do this through signage, distributed marketing material such as brochures, flyers, and mail inserts, and even through the items they use after a conversion, such as the packaging around their products, and even thank you cards.

We’ve been there to provide solutions to create all of those brand products, and we’ve done so by becoming effective print managers. What does that mean? In short, it means that we recognized that our clients needed a diverse range of options in terms of print features. So, in response, we forged relationships with other print houses to expand our access to print technologies and means. This allows us to scale a solution when a client needs us to  rapidly churn out 5,000 trifold brochures in a few days, or include gorgeous features such as laser cut, custom windows in envelopes, and suede coating to give a rack card an extra soft feel, and elaborate foils, or embossed elements.

Working With A Print Manager

Working with a print manager (sometimes called a print broker) can be cost effective, too! Because we aren’t keeping up with all of those machines we have less overhead to cover, and the nature of our relationship with other printers qualifies us for steep trade discounts. In other words, when sourced through us, your printed brand assets are often less expensive, or at a competitive cost.

The value of working with us is that we have no allegiance to one printer, or one set of machines, with a set list of capabilities. We aren’t here to meet a print quota, we are here to deliver what you need, and only what you need. No upselling so that we can get enough paper out of our inventory, or make sure the latest machine we purchased gets enough use.

Having your design team manage your print needs also means you get in-house quality control at no extra cost. We design for print on a daily basis and have experience with a wide range of print capabilities. We can create your design, and quality control it through the production process on your behalf. That’s more time for you to contribute your talents to your business.

Teaming with other printers on complex jobs is about achieving the best solutions for our clients. As brand managers and designers, who better to source the right paper, coating, and print effect for the items that represent your brand out in the real world?

You Control How Your Brand Is Perceived

At the end of the day, your brand is how people perceive it. That’s why it’s so important to use design to stay at the front of the narrative around your brand. Print technology can help create that level of control by producing your brand material in the look and feel that goes with your message and voice. And, let’s face it, brands have a diverse range of voice and message, so it takes a network of talented professionals to meet everyone’s needs.

Print will most likely never die. Print technology is evolving as fast as digital technology. Brands will continue to have the ability to incorporate tactile, print experiences into their strategies. We’ll continue to be ready to source the best, forward-thinking product for your brand.