Don’t Just Hit Re-Print, Hit Re-Fresh!


At the intersection of almost every interaction a customer may have with your brand there is almost always one thing: print. When you’re out networking you hand your prospective customers a business card. When someone comes into your cafe to order lunch they lift up a paper menu. When you want new clients, you launch a direct mail campaign. When someone visits your location and asks for a service list, you hand them one. Websites are phenomenal (trust us - we love working on them!), but print never died and it will be a long, long time before it does.

Humans like the tactile experience of holding printed material in their hand. It creates  an emotional and intellectual resonance that digital sometimes can’t compete with. That said, the reality is, we are sometimes overrun with exposure to print material, especially the inexpensively produced, glossy, flimsy kind. Trust us, the way to create an impression is not through quantity, but quality.

Here are a few ways you can hit refresh on your print marketing collateral.

Invest In Business Cards That Leave An Impression

You should want to be the brand that has a business card that other people save so that they have a model to emulate later. When it comes to business cards, think design and material. Where is the card going? To an industrial client? Perhaps a high gloss, durable card is the answer (did you know there is waterproof material now for this?). Is the card going to high end office downtown? Perhaps an embossed card with a matte finish on a nicely texture stock of paper is the answer. The middle ground might be an even better option for some brands. Think something that is durable, but not overtly thick, where design is really what catches the eye. We can help you determine the best material and, of course, the design.

Have Print Material To Answer The Most Common Questions

When a customer is at your location or the networking brunch you love to hate and hate to love, and wants more than a business card to take away, you need that something else. For many, this comes in the form of brochures or pamphlets - or even service lists, commonly printed on rack cards. Just as with the business card, material and design come together to create a marketing piece that leads to a conversion.

Print Enabled Locally Targeted Ads Long Before Facebook

In the digital age direct mail campaigns are still an effective tool for reaching prospective customers. This is especially true when you're trying to reach customers in geographic regions. We manage several ongoing direct mail campaigns for our clients. Some of those clients seek to canvas areas by neighborhood or locality. Others try to reach every address belonging to a potential client within a certain radius of their store or plant. As with every other aspect of print material, design and material are key to earning attention and engagement. When direct mail campaigns are paired with digital tools for follow up (websites or social media) they are even more effective.