If You Have This, You Won't Need Motivation


Of all the quotes we've ever posted to keep you motivated and remind you why you're in this game, this one has stood out the most to me. Think about it.


I was recently speaking with a vendor about all of the things that I do as the Digital + Social Strategist at Markon. As I began to describe how that day alone was going, with its list of diverse tasks, I began to ponder just what it takes to keep myself motivated. 


Ultimately, I don't think it has anything to do with motivation. At least not when we're talking about digging deep and pushing yourself to live your own career. I think a person is either in the game or not. Sure, some days are high energy days and others are not, but if you have to talk to yourself about how to keep your energy up, or your head in the game (aside from having serious ADD issues, which I repeatedly claim to have), then perhaps what you're doing is not where your passion lies. 

Last month I wrote a bit about content strategy and why I think it's important for any brand to have a plan regarding the published words and images they put forth into the world. It's no mistake that I've spent the majority of my adulthood producing content for various brands. I've essentially made a career of content creation, from my start with a trade publication, to working in research and education, to now, at a design firm in rainy Vancouver, Washington. 

Many creative people will tell you that their craft is the means by which they interpret the world around them. This is true for me as well. By creating content, such as this blog post, and many other blog posts, tweets, pins, and sometimes graphics in my favorite handy little app, I've been able to explore and interpret the world, while working out what everything means to me. 

"Rest in reason; move in passion." To me this quote is as much about living a mindful life as it is about living a life that you care about. I wouldn't be able to do this day in and day out if I wasn't genuinely interested in a) the experience, and b) the final product. I'm willing to bet you can say the same about what you do. If I have learned anything during my time in the design and branding world, it is this: @@entrepreneurs whose brands exude their passion are infinitely more successful and far happier than their counterparts.@@ 

Michael Wagner