Refresh Your Brand To Fuel Growth


We’ve been talking to you all month about refreshing your brand. For the most part our message has been about recalibrating; a call to update your brand and marketing materials so that they reflect who you are as a business. Our message has been rooted in the idea of catching up with yourself; to take this time as an opportunity to be sure your message is true to your brand in the present. @@Let’s take a moment to talk about the value of refreshing your brand for the future.@@

Now is as good a time as ever to prepare for next quarter’s marketing campaign, or to plan for end of the year events. We find that when our client’s plan well in advance they are able to wield tighter control of their design and marketing budget and avoid the headaches, and extra costs, that come with attempting to design, produce and launch a campaign at the last minute.

@@Look forward as you proceed with your brand refresh.@@ Perhaps you’re on the verge of launching a new division of your company? While you’re having your current website refreshed, now is the time to put web content (or a whole new website) for the new division together, even if it doesn’t go live for several months. Why not be prepared if you can be? Or, maybe you’re just a few conversations away from signing a lease on a new space for second location. While you’re having the signage at your first store refreshed, why have all the signs for the second location on order and slated for installation?

Of course looking forward isn’t just about ordering today what you’ll need 3-6 months from now. It’s also about designing for advances in technology. Did you know that we believe that typography will lead logo design because wordmarks are there is increasingly less room for elaborate logos in the digital sphere? We also believe that candid, Instagram-style photos are what is currently resonating with audiences and will continue to for sometime. Refreshing your brand isn’t just about inventory, but also design aesthetic and perspective. 

Our team can create or provide guidance in nearly every area of your business, from strategy to design, branding, digital and print marketing and more. Let us know what you want your future to look like.