Here Is Why Your Marketing Needs A Refresh


It’s spring, people! As the weather starts to warm and sun starts to shine a bit brighter, it’s time to take into consideration all the growth your business had last year. How has it evolved? How would you like it to have evolved by December? As you contemplate the ways which you would like to expand in the coming months, let’s take a moment to evaluate how an update to your marketing materials might aid in getting you there.

I’m going to walk you through some items you should be thinking about giving a refresh! (Don’t fight this!)

Business Cards: Got new people? Maybe before you put in another reorder on those business cards, it’s time to consider a refresher! Perhaps you switched locations, or phone numbers, or realize that the purpose statement of last year no longer feels right for where your business has progressed to as of now. Before putting in another reorder on those current business cards, take a second to evaluate how accurately they represent your brand. Sometimes it’s as simple as an update to the color scheme, switching out a font for one that’s better designed, or cleaning up the layout for a more streamlined aesthetic.

Brochures: New product? Old product in disuse? New company goals/motivations/culture etc? Don’t get caught apologetically handing someone a brochure with the disclaimer: “sorry, this isn’t quite accurate.” Give your crew something they can be proud of. Work with us to update your content, aesthetic and feel. When your team is confident, great things can happen!

Menus and Flyers: No one wants to walk into your bagel shop to find out you no longer make the jalapeno havarti bagel that the whole town was talking about last year. Don’t be that person! I won’t let you be that person! There are cost effective options for menus, menu boards and flyers (for whatever you push, not just carbs), that can serve your brand with great design and quality, while meeting your budget (all while being affordably replaceable!).  Come talk to me about this! And . . . if you do indeed push bagels - BRING THEM.

Signage:  Our friends Parker & Finley recently had an episode where a client walked into their cafe and told them that it wasn’t almost not findable. Don’t let that be you. At the same time, don’t let your signage fall so far out of date, or in disrepair that people wish you weren’t findable, either! You’d be surprised how cost-effective refresh signage can be. I’d be happy to walk you through the options.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that you have marketing collateral that moves your brand forward. Working with a brand strategist can help.