Put Your Best Forward With Refreshed Signage


Time and the elements take their toll on physical signage. Even your interior signage, shielded from the elements, but not the slow deteriorating power of time, is impacted by the whither of age. Material technology, including contemporary protective coating, does lend signage some longevity. It’s easy to acquire items with a shelf life of 3-5 years. But are those items still on brand 3 years after they were ordered? Is the information still the same? And even though they’re aesthetically passable, are they the best items to put forward to represent your brand?

March is a great time of year to give your brand a refresh. The winter is closing and summer is starting. You should update all of your marketing materials, print or digital. Signage is important, too! It’s directional, informational and promotional. @@In our increasingly technological age, physical signs are still important.@@ Here are some ideas about where to start your mission to refresh your signage.

 Refreshed outdoor banner for Spoiled Spa And Salon.


For one, this is what your customers (and future customers) see first. A refreshed lighted sign for your business, banner or window graphics, can reignite interest in your brick and mortar space, which leads to increased interest in you.  

@@Check out this refreshed banner for Spoiled Spa and Salon in Vancouver, WA@@ as an example. Increased size, fresh new design, new information: this is what a refresh is about.


As you look ahead to the trade shows and various events where your company will be present, sponsoring or even hosting, are you taking inventory of the signage you’ll have with you? From table skirts, to branded photo walls, banners, polycarbonate panels with infographics printed on them, to various other signs, there’s a lot to consider! While you’re taking note of your exterior signage, take stock of what you bring with you to events. It’s all important.

 Refreshed espresso car sign for EspressoMe in Oregon


If you have a brick and mortar location, the signage inside has a strong impact on the experience your customers have when they visit you. This is everything from the price tags you place on products, to the signage you use at your point of purchase area. For restaurants and bakeries this means menus and menu boards. For retail environments this is the signage you use to mark departmental areas or point out sales.

Recently @@our friends at EspressoMe Service in Oregon came to us to refresh the sign for their espresso cart.@@ What they request is a great example of a simple refresh. Almost entirely the same look, with a cleaned up background a new tagline and what you can't see in this photo, a new, more durable material. 

To the left is a great example of a sign that once served its business well, but overtime became outdated. The menu board at Tonalli's was once a simple, but great, investment. Over time, as their offerings expanded and prices changed, however, the sign became outdated and "updating" the information diminished the presentation of their brand. The project to update their menu board was fast, simple and fun. 



Investing in a refresh for all of your signage is a great way to keep your environment engaging for your customers. A refresh doesn’t always have to mean a redesign, either. If items are working for you and still on brand, but are aging, go ahead a recycle the original. The same look on fresh material will make a difference. We promise.


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