Branding is at the Core of Every Great User Experience

Your branding should be present at every touchpoint in the user experience, including, and perhaps especially, in the digital experience. Contemporary applications, whether mobile or web-based, including features to include logos, images, and even custom color palettes. However, if you're not sure which file type to use, or how to select quite the right web color, it's easy to dilute your brand by creating an inconsistent experience. We want you to avoid that, so we've put together a list of three things you can do anytime to refresh your branded technology.

Here are the 3 things you can do to refresh your digital marketing experience.

Use The Best Graphics For the Platform/Application

Whether you're looking to brand your Instagram profile or your online store checkout, there are technical requirements to consider. To start, each platform or application has different size requirements. These are the dimensions for the frames that hold your profile photo, cover photo, logo, banner image, etc. The dimensions dictate how you present your branding or images from your business. It can also dictate which file type is appropriate for the technology. Using the wrong file type, a file that is too large or too small for the frame will create a distorted experience. Working with a designer will resolve all of those issues and ensure that your brand is presented consistently.

Make Sure Your Copywriting Is On Point

Visuals are important, but so is voice. Whether you have consciously established a voice for your brand or one has developed over time, it's important to keep that voice consistent and functional (and by functional, we mean effective). One way to keep your brand's voice on point is to have a content strategy.  At the moment, however, performing an audit of your digital assets: social media, website, online store, newsletter, etc. and reviewing the copywriting and establishing goals is a step in the right direction. Working with a copywriter is a great way to take this off of your plate to streamline your own workflow, too.

Revisit or Develop An Overall Marketing Strategy

Of course, the best way to make sure your branded technology is on point is to make sure it aligns with all of your other branded assets. To do so, revisit your marketing strategy - or if you don't have a detailed strategy in place, now is the time to start. Here are 5 tips to develop your marketing strategy. 

Keeping your branded technology up to date with the best visuals, voice, and strategy is one of the most important investments you can make in your company at it's ultimately at the core of creating great user experiences. Their cohesive appearance and effect leave a strong impression on customers and can determine whether or not a conversion is completed, or better yet, repeated.

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