As Your Business Changes, So Should Your Website


There’s little in the life of a business that stays the same. Even the things that are constant are not static, merely consistently present. Everything grows, shifts and evolves (and if it hasn’t, it’s time to). So should your website.

In fact, making sure that your website keeps up to date with the presentation of your brand and the offerings of your business is the best way to ensure that it continues to serve you effectively as your single 24 hours a day, 7 day a week employee.

Here is how Markon can help give your website a periodic refresh:

March Web Graphics - Blog-01.png

Update “Hero” Images & Graphics

@@Visual storytelling is at the essence of every website, whether the owner knows that or not.@@ We’ll tap into the visual style of your brand and produce a suite of images for your website that move your business forward. Whether that means opening Adobe and creating a new graphic for you, or capturing high resolution product photos for your online store or product gallery.

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Revive Copywriting & Content

Second to visuals is your website’s copy. The web is home to an enormous amount of content, a lot of which is the written word. @@Your website needs accurate copy that is on brand and on point for your audience.@@ We can use your brand’s voice to create copy that moves your business closer to its goals by appealing to your audience while reinforcing your identity.

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Optimize Site Structure (Navigation)

@@The experience of your website is one part content, one part usability.@@  As businesses grow, so do their websites. Content is created to tout new products or services, or as tools to sell existing items. Features expand, too. All of this means more links and with more links, content can get buried. We’ll audit your website, prioritize your content and then restructure its layout so that the most useful content for your customers is the easiest to get to and nothing gets buried in the void.