Seasonal Sales Tips For Small Businesses

An extravagant sum of money is about to be spent between the sales events that are Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Retailers, large and small, across the country have been preparing for the upcoming weekend for months. If you’re not completely ready, we’ve compiled a few last minute tips for small business owners that we encourage you to adopt year-round. Trust us, whether you sell sportswear geared to our Pacific Northwest climate, industrial equipment, or coffee, these tips are useful for every small business.

Merchandise! Merchandise! Merchandise!

Online and in-store, do your best to present your products in the most attractive - and meaningful - way possible. In your physical store, presentation of your product, custom signage to locationally direct consumers, and draw attention to sales and offers, are critical to keeping the attention of your prospective consumer. Your web-based stored should follow a layout that is easily navigable and present high-quality photos of your products. Just as you would at your physical location, use custom graphics to draw attention to sales and any offers you provide.

We specialize in helping small businesses with their signage, web graphics and planning the layout of their online store. We can even help connect you with a product photographer and discuss e-commerce tools to get you going.

Be Social! Engage Your Consumers and Offer Social Proof!

Every small business should have a social media plan. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but we do recommend daily posts and active engagement with users who interact with you on your page. Every platform offers the ability for your audience to connect, follow and comment on what you post - so post wisely!

Rich media posts - that is, posts with images or video attached - garner far more attention than simple text posts. We recommend posting photos or videos regarding your products or services on a daily basis - at least Monday through Friday. Invite users to comment on your posts, and be sure to engage with them when they do.

On your website, provide the opportunity for users to write reviews of your products and their experience with you and your online store. Reviews help to build trust among consumers. It is important for them to hear from a source other than you - so facilitate your consumers by giving them a space to voice their opinions!

We can help you develop a portfolio of sharable media to promote your business and increase sales through social media marketing.

Stay in Touch

When consumers make purchases through your online store, you collect their email address. Use that information! Not only should you send them regular (not too frequent) emails about the status of their order, but you should invite them to participate in surveys and make them aware of future sales, events, and offers.

The information you collect may surprise you. Between what you collect via surveys, through social listening on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and by monitoring user-generated product reviews, you will soon have enough data to know how, and where, to target ad campaigns and/or invest in improvements.

We can help distinguish the look and feel of your future email campaigns. Custom graphics, features, and offers are the first step in ensuring more clicks and opens.

You Still Have A Few Days!

As of this post, you have a few days until Black Friday. With Thanksgiving the day before and possible travel plans you don’t have much time. Fortunately, we live in an age where updating our websites and social media profiles can take as long as we like it to. Dedicate some time to preparing your store. For future events, Markon can help you develop long or short-term marketing plans with materials for the moment, and beyond.