Get Ready For Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday is coming.

In fact, as of this posting it’s ten days away. Are you ready? We want you to be! At Markon, we believe the marketing strategies that many businesses use during the holiday season are best used year-round. If you’re still wondering what you can do to amplify your brand voice, ensure customers return, and get your name out into the world, we have some ideas to help you.

First: Take advantage of the holiday sales craze.

Many credit card providers are offering rewards for shopping during the season (and throughout the year). Remind your customers of the methods of payment you accept by providing clear signage at your sales counter. It might seem like standard procedure, but not everyone touts which merchants they work with. Consider this: American Express is offering their customers up to $30 back in rewards for shopping on Small Business Saturday. That is a fact that can sway an American Express card carrier, and it’s worth you knowing. In the case of American Express, you can even list your business on their Shop Small Map.

Second: We say this all the time. Don’t let customers walk away without a bit of your brand in their hand.

Be it the shopping bags they leave with your product placed inside, or a business card, flyer, or shopping rewards cards. . . give them something to take with them when they leave to remind them of who you are and how they can find you.

Custom cloth or paper bags to package products are easy to produce and perhaps not as a large of an investment as you may be thinking. They are also a remarkably easy way to market your small business. A clever design, that of course features your logo and name, can become a conversation point, kicking off word-of-mouth marketing that is among the most important of earned marketing commodities.

Rewards cards are also a potent tool that can deliver a return on investment. Giving your customers a reason to come back, to obtain products or services they enjoy, and potentially earn something in the meantime, is a seasoned tactic. Producing them is easy and quick. You can have them produced in large or small quantities, rapidly - and, if you need help developing an organized rewards program that integrates with your point of sale system we have some advice that will help you.

Last But Not Least: Be sure your web presence matches the physical marketing and signage you’re releasing into public view. Not only should the two match for the sake of continuity and brand strength, but don’t forget that Cyber Monday follows Small Business Saturday, and for your customers that couldn’t benefit on Saturday, you want them to visit your web store on Monday. Matching your digital marketing collateral and your physical collateral is easy. If they don’t match now, we can help you bring the two into alignment.

If you invest in social media ads, Markon advises investing in custom graphics for ads, or meaningful, high quality photographs of your products, services, or storefront. Using ads can boost website traffic, increase social media engagement, and increase the rate by which you’re mentioned on social networks. All of which are valuable when you are working to drive conversion rates.

While it’s important to employ these tactics during the holiday season, for Black Friday, for Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, these are valuable tactics for small business owners to employ when marketing their small business throughout the year. We can help you all along the way, from strategy to design to production. When you’re ready, contact us.

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