Are You Ready For Small Business Saturday?

At Markon, we’ve had Small Business Saturday on our minds for a while. Have you? The event is less than 20 days away and we want all of our small business friends to be mindful of the opportunity this day poses.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of 3 actions we recommend to help you prepare.
Let American Express Give You A Boost: Seriously. American Express is a strong sponsor of Small Business Saturday. They’ll help you with some temporary marketing materials like bags, signs, even a doormat - all advertising Small Business Saturday. If you accept American Express at your location, they’ll even include your business on a map they’ve created to help consumers find small businesses.

After you do that, look to Markon for future marketing materials branded with your name and logo, so that you can continue to promote your business throughout the year. We can produce a full range of materials, from window and street signs, cloth and paper bags, and other promotional and packaging items.  

Share Your Products on Social Media: We’ve been tuning into Twitter’s #SmallGoesBig webcast series for a few weeks now. We can report that over a quarter of Twitter users are making shopping decisions based on posts they’ve found in their news feeds. If that can be said of Twitter, it’s certainly true of other platforms. Share your content on your social media outlets. Include the product’s story and a link back to your online store. If you need help with product presentation and graphics, give us a call.

Twitter also reports that 60% of surveyed users plan to purchase from small businesses during the holiday season. If that’s not impetus to amp your marketing efforts, we aren’t sure what is.
Be Visible: Finally, in this busy season, be sure to do all you can to maintain visibility. If you’ve neglected updating storefront and/or in-store signage, it’s not too late to order new signs before the holiday season begins. Outside the store, your location should be visible from the street. Inside the store, we recommend using signage to guide customers to products and sales, and that your point of purchase area have as much as pertinent information as possible. If you need help organizing and developing your interior, we have extensive experience with in-store signage and merchandising.

The advice we give during the holiday season is relevant throughout the year. At Markon, we are equipped to meet your brand and marketing needs throughout sales cycles and other events. When you’re ready for a consultation, contact us.  

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