On Small Business Leadership and Growth

Small Business Tips For Effective Leadership

Founding and managing a small business is no easy feat. It's not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. It requires long hours, almost never-ending ingenuity, passionate drive, and the ability to endure risk. Many small business leaders reach out to business consultants for help. There's zero shame in that game. In fact, we are all about delegated tasks to the right professional when the occasion calls for it. 

Fortunately, here in Vancouver, Washington, there is an exceptional team of business consultants at Salsbury and Co. April Salsbury, the consultancy's founder, was gracious enough to share with us her wisdom regarding running and leading a small business. Many of which we have distilled into graphics in the gallery below. 

Planning and Communication are Essential 

Two themes emerged in Markon's conversation with Salsbury. One: planning is essential to small business management and growth. When goals, obstacles, and strategies are documented, that document becomes a tool for accountability, and a road map to guide actions for the year to come. When shared with a team it has even more impact on inspiring growth within an organization. Second: leadership is about quality communication and delegation. Small business owners need to be able to communicate effectively externally and internally. For their audience this means being extemporaneously information and able to sell their business whenever and wherever. Internally this means maintaining effective lines of communication with employees, partners, and vendors. It also means being able to delegate tasks when someone else is the right fit for the activity, be that marketing, procurement, etc. 

We could not be in more agreement. As brand designers we know that communication has to be effective and open inside and outside of the business, and that the best results are achieved when the right minds are on the task. 

You can learn more effective tips on how to run a small business by visiting Salsbury and Co. on the web at www.salsburyandco.com