4 Steps to Complete Social Media Domination

Take Your Brand Where The People Are

It's 2015. Every business. Large or small. Needs a website. But! If you do nothing else, have an active presence on at least one social media channel relevant to your industry.

1. Choose Your Platform

If you're a photographer, get on Instagram. If you're a local business, get on Facebook. Looking to connect with a broad audience and join in conversations whenever possible: think about Twitter. Want to show off your product with sweeping imagery (that should point back to a website), get on Pinterest.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Pew Research reported earlier this year that as much as 71% of American adults are on Facebook. That's in sharp comparison to the other platforms, each of which garner attention from less than 30% of American adults.

  • Pinterest is about visual bookmarking. It's great to have a presence on Pinterest, but it's potential is severely cut short without a website behind your pins.

  • In addition to your profile, each platform offers an advertising platform that allows you to expand your reach.

2. Complete Your Profile

Don't skip this step! This is your chance to tell people who've just discovered your brand for the first time what you do and then direct them to where they can learn more about you (your website). If you have a physical store, this is a great place to list your location and hours. If you operate electronically, give your audience a point of contact.

Profiles that lack information don't do much to instill confidence in an audience, or excite them to learn more, for that matter. Be sure to complete this step!

3. Learn the Ins and Outs

Social media platforms generally run along the same themes. Like/Favorite this. Share. Comment. However, there are differences in iconography, capabilities and more. For instance, hashtags are vital on Twitter, but less so on Facebook. You can pin a pinned post on Pinterest, but you can't save an Instagram post for later.

4. Use Consistently

If you decide to use your new Pinterest account to tell the story of your products then we recommend consistently adding new content to the platform and being sure to engage with similar users and members of your audience. If you decide Instagramming every delicious baked treat your new bakery produces is the way to go, be sure to keep the posts coming! Make good use of hashtags and keywords in your posts. For increased targeting, make sure to take advantage of location services when possible - let people know where you and your products are!

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