10 Things You Didn't Know Facebook Can Do

Facebook Can Be A Tool For Growth

Facebook has 1.4 actively monthly users. Of those, 1.3 billion are active mobile users. It's a phenomenal number, really. It's also the key reason to leverage Facebook for your businesses' growth.

Facebook For Business allows you to create and manage a Business Page, complete with all of the posting features you're used to on your personal account. What is also allows for are easy-to-create ads that can serve your business in tremendously valuable ways. Let's explore 10 ways Facebook can grow your business:

1. Ramp Up Your Shared Posts

You've just posted a photo or video about a new product and you want everyone to know about it. Everyone has a busy news feed and you're not sure any amount of thought you put into the perfect time of day to post is going to get your photo or video in front of enough people. Don't worry, Facebook will let you boost your post.

2. Get All Of The Page Clicks

You've set up your Business Page, now you need people to like it. You have links on your website, in your email signature, and nods to your Facebook Page in some of your marketing collateral, but that's not cutting it. You need to let people know you're on Facebook while they're on Facebook. You can actually tell Facebook that you want page likes from users who live within 20 miles of your business, within a certain demographic and whether or not they like, or do not like, certain other pages. It's intense.

3. Make People Run From Facebook To Your Website

New website? Need traffic? Interested in leveraging your Facebook followers in a way more meaningful than simply writing posts about your new website? Facebook will let you target populations and direct them to your website. It's easy and it'll get people talking about you.

4. Find Out How People Use Your Website

Every business owner wonders what users do when they visit their website. Are they browsing your online store? Did they visit your blog? Are they staying on the page or clicking to some place else almost as soon as they arrive? Facebook can help you track user behavior on your site. Yes...Facebook can do that.

5. Download Your New App

Again, Facebook's ability to help you select the perfect audience to come across your content is exceptional. You didn't build your app for everyone. You built it for the type of person who wants to get things done. Facebook can help you get your app in front of those people. 

6. Make People Engage With Your App

Okay. Think everything we just described... and then imagine connecting users directly to features with your app. Not only can you select the best target audience for your app, but you can go even deeper and connect them directly to the feature that is best for them. Talk about leading a horse to water. . .

7. Facebook RSVPs Haver Never Been Better

That gala you're throwing in 6 months. It needs attendees. You not only need attendees to RSVP, you need people to talk about the event. Facebook has tools to put your event in front of as many users as possible. You control the scope of reach and provide the information you want to provide. Easy.

8. Introduce More People To Your Rewards Program

You've taken the time to invest in a great rewards program. You have a tracker in your CMS program that lets you manage who is using their awards, when and how. You've invested in special rewards cards. You're on it. Now people need to use it! You can use Facebook to target your customers and get them in the know!

9. Promote Your Videos

You didn't make those videos for nothing. No. People need to watch them, love them and share them. Facebook can help with that by

10. Get All Of the Local Attention

Revisit #1 but focus your efforts on your immediate geographic location.

Facebook's tools are undoubtedly powerful. When paired with great design and content they have the power to grow your business. Creating a powerful, consistent design that can be employed across channels and formats builds brand recognition. When paired with powerful tools that expand reach, growth for your business is just a click away.

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