3 Print Techniques To Style Your Brand


The simplest embellishments can elevate your print marketing collateral. The following three print techniques can add character and style to your business cards, sales sheets and/or brochures. We print with each technique on a regular basis, sometimes for ourselves, others for our clients. For us, custom printing is a big part of our brand style. The could be said for your brand, too.



If you’re looking to add a low-cost foil embellishment that adds some shine to your print material, this is the material for you. The foil’s lightweight doesn’t add unnecessary heft to your card, while its reflective power adds an eye-catching shine. This is great for adding character to a business card, an invitation, rewards cards, and letterhead.The best part? Foiling comes in multiple colors, not just the gold shown below. 

 Above: A gold foil print of a logo. 

Above: A gold foil print of a logo. 

Spot UV

Shine doesn’t have to come in gold. Spot UV is a relatively low-tech (but high-tech sounding) printing technique that printers use to cure paper to give it a sleek, shiny look. This technique involves using UV rays to treat paper. That might sound complex, but it’s actually a simple, low-cost option when you want to add a new visual element to your print material.

Ultra Thick

A simple way to add texture and character to a business card, sales sheet, menu card, or other informational piece of print collateral is to go ultra thick. In 2015 we went ultra thick with our business cards and have added a level of heft to all of our print marketing items.

Our new cards stack up nicely. #print #design #businesscards #agencylife

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