We Trash Canned Our Website. Maybe You Should, Too!

How to Know When It’s Time For A Website Update

Websites are never finished. That’s a cold, yet exciting, reality. They are meant to be living brand assets that evolve as your business evolves. As things change in your business you should continually ask yourself the following:

  1. Is your website still speaking to the right audience?

  2. Is the messaging right? Does it have the right voice and provide the right information?

  3. Is the overall experience on similar to the rest of your brand and systems?

  4. Are the right products and services being sold to your audience?

If the answer to any of these questions is no then it is time to update your website.

The Right Website for the Right Audience

The reality is that your customer demographic is going to evolve over time. That could be because of evolutions in your product and service offering, a location change if you have a brick and mortar space, or even larger cultural shifts in society. The content on your website should be routinely updated to speak to the information needs of your customer demographic.

How to Create Brand Messaging

Your audience needs to be able to identify with some aspect of the message your brand puts forward. They need to see themselves using your product or service. For this reason brand messaging isn’t solely objective, it’s also aspirational. In short: it’s emotional. By appealing to both emotions and logic brands can sell consumers a product or service on rational grounds (quality) and aspirational ones (this product will make you feel a certain way). Determine what that aspirational or inspirational narrative around your brand is and infuse that into your website copy.

Develop a Consistent User Experience

User experience is absolutely fundamental. If your website is difficult to use people will click away and go elsewhere for what they need. The same is true for any transactions that you might want people to complete on your site. Moreover, they should be similar to experiences you might have them complete in-store. Simply put, if you are a tech-forward business that automates processes, then extend that mentality to your website.

Make Your Unique Selling Proposition Known

Whether you actually sell products or book services directly from your website or not, a complete and accurate listing of what you offer should be available on your site. Equally as important, make the details about those items, and your own unique selling proposition, known.

Website Updates For Your Business

Updating your website can be a seamless process when guided by professions who have a process for gathering and organizing content, setting goals, and then implementing updates. No creative process should sideline your business.