Tips For Boosting Your Brand

You’re a bold entrepreneur with a head full of ideas. You’re only bound by the fact that you only have two hands, and there are only twenty-four hours in a day. Between running operations, product or service control, overseeing staff (or having to be the entire staff), you’re a busy, bold entrepreneur.

On top of managing things at the storefront (office, warehouse, your house, wherever) you have to make sure you’re building brand awareness elsewhere, too.

These days, the digital landscape may seem daunting. Websites, social media, digital maps, mobile applications, and more - who can keep up without a large marketing firm behind them?

You can.

The tools that come with the evolving digital landscape make ensuring your business is searchable, with useful digital content, easier than ever. Here are a few things you should consider investing in right away:

Optimizing For Local Search

According to Google, searches for things “nearby” have grown fivefold since 2011. Additionally, 1 in every 5 searches involves the user’s location. You want to make sure you come up in local searches and there are a few easy ways to do this.

To start, make sure your presence on the web includes contact information - especially your address.

Second, make sure you have a Google + with accurate contact information about your business. This will automatically populate your business on Google maps.

Third, be sure to have (if possible) an official page on an appropriate review website, such as Yelp.

Build a FAQ

Consumers today are used to being able to call up information in one, easy query. Consumers aren’t even taking to their keyboards anymore. Voice-activated searches have overtaken typed queries by far.

Someone just bought your product and now their friend is googling you to see what you’re about. Or, someone just bought your product and is curious about a certain feature. It works in your favor if they can call that information on their smartphone and the only way that can happen is if you publish it online.

Whether you build a traditional Frequently-Asked-Questions page, or you create informational pages on your website, the information should be published and ready to be searched.

Providing this kind of information goes a long way in building consumer trust and increases the odds that they will share content about your and your product or service.

Design Sharable Content

Here’s the thing. You don’t have to hire a videographer to film your next product video. You can make a quick one yourself. With your iPhone. If the product can stand on its quality the video will be shared and seen by more and more people.

We don’t recommend you do it all on your own. Poor graphics leave a negative impression. Poorly written copy can leave a poor taste in a person’s mouth. But, it doesn’t take much these days to post an HD photo or video. Save your financial investment for the bells and whistles.

Why is content sharing important? Because it increases the number of people who will have the opportunity to see your brand in their social media feeds, or email chains, or as a link from a friend sent over SMS. And those links, if clicked, take people back to your website, where they can interact with you even more. They may walk into your store next. And make a purchase.

It’s important because people share and post about the things they like and you want one of those things to be you!