UX Tune-Up: 5-Minutes To Improve User Experience

As business owners we are in the market to provide an experience. No one wants to purchase from a poorly designed store with lackluster customer service, and no company wants to hire another to complete a specialized task if ordering the service is miserable and the professionals involved aren't, well, professional. This extends to the web, as well. Websites should be intuitive, functional and welcoming in terms of design. If a user can't find what they need in a matter of moments, odds are, they will move on. Social media profiles should be active, relevant and communicative. If a consumer gives you a shout out, thank you. If they voice a complaint, recognize it and respond accordingly. We wrote about this once before . . .

From time to time you should evaluate what kind of experience your target audience has when engaging with you. You can do this quite quickly. Make an empathy map.

We like how the Design School at Stanford constructs their empathy maps. Give yourself 5 minutes to visit your website, or your Twitter profile, and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is this page saying to you?

  2. What is it doing?

  3. What is it making you think?

  4. What is it making you feel? 

You can even ask a friend to do the same. Have someone come into your store, or call your office, and discuss a product a service and then have them record their answer to the same questions. You'll be surprised what you can discover and how it may improve the experience of your next consumer. Doing so will likely increase your conversion rate and improve the reputation of your brand.

Why 5 minutes? Odds are your consumer may not even give you that long. You want to capture your initial thoughts and make changes based on that experience. You can build from there.

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