May is Small Business Month

Vancouver Celebrates Small Businesses

In recognition of the fact that small businesses make up 95% of the business community in Vancouver, the City has decided that May will be small business month

Naturally, we are excited! As a small business that serves small businesses, entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity - all of the things that are the hallmarks of a small business - are near and dear to our yellow little hearts. 

Organizations throughout the City will be holding workshops and events throughout the month. At the top of your watch list we recommend the family-friendly workshop being put on by the Fourth Plain Forward Business Association and our friends at Salisbury & Co.! The workshop will focus on the basics of developing a business plan and it promises to be excellent! 

Over here at Markon stay tuned for content on our social channels that celebrate and provide tips to small businesses on branding, design, marketing, and more - including a series of tips from the founder of Salisbury & Co. that we’ll launch soon on Instagram