3 Ways To Use Websites For Growth


This one is for the little guy. You know who we’re talking about. The mighty brand that has yet to be discovered. The one that is up before the Sun to forge their craft and give their burgeoning client list everything that they want. The one that hasn’t take over the corner block . . . yet.

Brands today cannot ignore digital. Whether your intentional is to go global or stay hyper-local, the adoption rate of mobile devices and digital habits is too high among adults to ignore. @@Small brands must find them on digital if they are going to find you in real life.@@

For many small businesses, the answer is still investing in a website. @@Even the simplest website can be used to grow your brand.@@

1. Use Your Website To Be Found In Search Results

While it’s true that social media profiles can be found in search results, the most effective tool for ranking well in search is to have content on the web, outside of the domain of a social network. The most content you have, with keywords relevant to the search terms your potential clients are using, the easier it will be for them to find you. Whether you invest in a landing page (a single-page website usually meant for a specific purpose like to direct clients to a store, or to a download), or a large multi-page, multi-media site, just getting online will help drive traffic to your store.

2. Use Your Website For Digital Ads

If you saw a great ad on Facebook, or in your most recent Google search results...you’d want it to go somewhere, right? What if your fantastic ad for a new product when to a web page all about that product with the option to buy it? That would be...useful. You can open an entirely new streams of income when you invest in a website and put it to work by using it as the tool that it is.

3. Use Your Website To Show Clients What You Can Do

What better way to give prospective clients/customers a preview of what you’re made of than to house your portfolio/menu/product and service list online? Showcasing past work, current work and what you have available builds trust and interest. What’s even better is that it’s easier to do than ever.

The best part about investing in a website is that your business gains a new 24 hour, seven day a week employee. Your website is your constant brand ambassador, your constant sales agent, appointment scheduler and more. Getting your business online isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Get online today.