3 Ways To Put Your Small Business Website to Work for You

This one is for the small business owner who’s not sure that their emerging brand is ready for a website. Established or new, large or small, brands today cannot ignore being online. Whether your intention is to go global or stay hyper-local, brands that can’t be discovered online will have a hard time surviving in the 21st century.

Good news: a new Squarespace website is 100% obtainable. Here are just three ways (of many) that a website can help your business.

Develop Brand Awareness by Succeeding in Local Search

Some small businesses try to make it online with just a Facebook business page. While it’s true that social media profiles can be found in search results, the most effective tool for ranking well in search is to have content on your own website. The more keyword-rich content you have the easier it will be for your customers to find you. Whether you invest in a landing page (a single-page website usually meant for a specific purpose like to direct clients to a store, or to a download), or a large multi-page, multi-media site, just getting online will help drive traffic to your store. Fortunately, when you invest in a Squarespace website, it’s easy to connect your site directly to Google Search Console, which is the first step in having your website successfully crawled by Google.

Use Ads to Point to Your Website

Ads can’t convert your customers on their own. They need to point to a webpage where potential customers can learn more about your product or service and complete an action, whether that’s a product purchase, an event registration, or simply filling out a contact form. With Squarespace, you can create trackable links for your ad campaigns so that you can learn more about who is coming to your website via ads.

Show Customers What You Have to Offer

Future customers want some form of proof of work before they hand over their cash or time. A website is a great place to show them what you have to offer. Squarespace’s native content features make it easy for developers to build product showcases, create case studies about service experiences, embed video, and more. Use your website to visually demonstrate your unique selling points.

Websites work for your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your website is your constant brand ambassador, sales agent, appointment scheduler and more. Let our team of developers get you online with a brand new Squarespace website. We can have a fully functional site online for you in as little as a few days!

3 Ways To Put Your Small Business Website to Work for You
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