Small Businesses Can Innovate Online, Too

Game-Changing Digital Strategy is Possible

Earlier this week our Digital + Social Strategist, Mike, sent our newsletter subscribers a message about innovation on the web and social media. The gist was simple: innovation isn’t exclusive to big companies with deep pockets. Innovation is as simple as improving the processes, systems, and technologies that you use today.

Design and system-improving-technologies are more available to small businesses than ever before. When those things are paired with ingenuity and drive, innovation happens. If the internet and social media aren’t exactly your forte, utilizing them can be daunting. Here are some simple ideas that might change the way you do business:

Take Your Brick And Mortar Store Online

Shopping online isn’t the exclusive domain of big box brands and Amazon. Small businesses utilize the web to sell merchandise all of the time (think Etsy or Shopify). Commissioning an agency to design and build a website with an online store has its advantages. We can offer you a site that is completely under your control and styled entirely to your brand. The online store will come with features that allow you to manage your inventory intelligently. We can even connect the site to services like Stripe, for easy credit card payment processing, and Xero, to help you keep up with your accounting. And no one has time to worry about shipping labels, so connecting your site to ShipStation will save you time!

Deliver Subscription Based Content Services

Is content one of your commodities? If so, how are you currently delivering it? Would locking your content behind a paywall, with subscription-based access, change your game? This is a relatively easy thing to design and build and on our preferred platform, Squarespace, who makes building media libraries, whether they’re documents, images, video or audio easy. We could build the system and you could easily take over managing your content library.

Leverage A Facebook Group, Not A Business Page

Groups work quite a bit differently than pages. Access can be open or closed; everyone can share content; and unlike business pages, they’re usually formed around a cause or subject, not a business. Users typically join them because they provide content and communication around an area in which they’re hoping to gain new knowledge or rally support around. Consider how you might build a community of like-minded souls around a topic relevant to your business and then foster conversations that include your brand. A visual campaign of custom graphics would be helpful in this endeavor!

Whatever you might decide to do, breaking away from your traditional norms can be refreshing and productive. In many cases, innovative business strategies are simply creative ideas utilizing current technologies or systems. Your business (no matter how many employees, fiscal prowess, or time of day) can change your digital game for the better and we can help.