We've Moved!

Downtown Vancouver Is Home. 

We did it! We moved! 

Markon was/is/has been ready to call the dynamic community of downtown Vancouver home for quite some time. What can we say? A bustling community filled with creative entrepreneurs, talented minds, excellent coffee, and opportunities to intersect with those people, treats, and ideas is just part of our creative DNA. 

For us, the move is as much about meeting our own needs as it is about meeting the needs of our clients. Our former space in East Vancouver served us - and you - well. It was the scene of many creative breakthroughs, fulfilling projects, and the formation of many relationships - all of which grew Markon to the place where it is today. That place being 215 W 12th Street, Suite 201 (dial 3 at the front door), Vancouver, WA 98660. 

Our new space is quite larger. Something like… 600 square feet larger. That might not sound like an enormous amount of “extra” space, but when you are a team of three, 600 extra square feet is daunting. 

However, that means there is new room for new desks as our team grows. That means there is new room to story board ideas for new projects and new brands. It means there is new room to do new creative work that is fulfilling and essential to continued growth. 

For our clients this means a bit of a different experience. We are no longer a storefront kind of brand shop. We are now a “we’ll buzz you in” sort of office. Our new space is quiet, comfortable, and the kind of place where we hope you’ll set up meetings when you have a new idea or product to launch. 

We still do everything that we did before. From branding and graphic design, to marketing, public relations, and print management. The absence of a production bay doesn’t mean we no longer print, it simply means we now rely more on the kind of high-tech, quality, large-scale printing that has always enabled us to deliver quality projects to clients at competitive prices with increasingly more rapid turnaround times. 

The new space is more authentic, and if you follow us at all, you know that authenticity isn't something we simply believe in, we know it is required. 

In the coming weeks we look forward to settling in to our new space (we’ve already started to discover where to stop for a mid morning coffee, and an afternoon cookie) and to continuing the creative work that our clients rely on us for every day. 


We hope you’ll stop by and see us. You can setup an appointment anytime.