What Design Can Do To Grow Your Donor Base

Update: Design Is Driving Donations Up For PLP

Just last month we published a case study about our work with Pink Lemonade Project (PLP) - a Vancouver, Washington based non-profit that works to improve the lives of those affected with breast cancer - whom hired Markon to design a mail insert for a giving campaign launched in partnership with Waste Connections. In the case study we touted that donations through the giving campaign - in this case, a program to lets Clark County, Washington residents upgrade their traditional recycling bins from the standard blue, to a proud and support PINK - have JUMPED to previously unseen levels of success. 

Here is a break down of how generous Clark County, Washington residents continue to be: 

Pink Cart Program Donation History

What does this mean for plp? 

Thanks to the generosity of Waste Connections, 100% of the donations collected in the Pink Cart Program go to Pink Lemonade Project. At $100 a cart, that's $7,900 for PLP collected in just a little more than thirty-days. 

Why pink recycling carts?

Simple: the pink recycling carts are a fun way to raise awareness for Pink Lemonade Project that the programs it leads for those affected by breast cancer. The numbers show the idea is working, too! Of the 79 carts purchased through donations between August 3 and September 14, 2015, 97% were made through donors not previously affiliated with PLP. That's tremendous reach. 

More importantly, that fully funds 14 women to attend a PLP restorative retreat. 

The continued success of Pink Lemonade Project's Pink Cart Program is a testament to the power of design. Crafting a consistent, recognizable look leads the eye and amplifies public interest in your project, program or organization. In this case, great design paired with an excellent marketing strategy has not only increased donations for PLP, but expanded their reputation in the community. It's an all around win. 

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