Why Every Business Needs A Press Kit

Be Prepared for Press Coverage

Every business should be prepared for some form of press coverage. Be it local news, industry media, a talented Instagrammer, or an influential blogger, someone, some day, may decide to cover your business for a story and you should be prepared.

Inside Your Press Kit

A simple press kit needs just a few things:

  1. A company bio

  2. High-resolution photos that are legally available to share

  3. Contact information

You could go the extra mile and include a fact sheet with the most highlightable attributes of your business bulleted out. You could even include a little bit of your company’s history if that’s relevant.

The idea is to create something that can be sent in any situation, over email or file transfer, to help people who might be doing a story on your business have some readily available facts and images.

Reasons Why This Matters

Over 70% of consumers trust the reviews of strangers as much as they would trust a review from a friend or family member. People want to hear from other people about your business. So, when a social media influencer, or a blogger, wants to do a quick video or blog post about you, it’s valuable to be able to quickly send them a well-formatted document with information they’ll need.

Here’s another reason: links back to your website have an enormous impact on how well you appear in local searches. Imagine your business sponsors four community events during the year and each time you can send a press kit and some info to local media and they run a story. That’s potentially four links back to your website from important sources. It goes a long way.

It’s word-of-mouth marketing. Seriously, whether it’s a member of the traditional media or someone on social media, when your business is covered in a story it gets people talking. The more people talk about and share content about your business, the more people become aware of you. It’s brand building!

Creating a Press Kit is Simple

While we recommend consulting with a communications agency before developing your press kit, it’s easy to compile the items we listed above. If you can have all of it together in a single file, all the better. It will make sharing information about your business quick and easy.

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