Responsive Design is the New Norm

Why Google's Algorithm Change Means Responsive Design is Here to Stay

We've seen a few articles roaming the internet naming responsive design as one of 2015's top trends.

" trends," eh?

This has always been a curious idea to us. For Markon, responsive design is less a trend, more of a requirement. After all, mobile devices are not a trend. . . they're a reality in the technological landscape of our lives. Moreover, mobile searches are becoming so frequent that Google has adopted a term for those moments in our daily lives when we feel compelled to look down at our phone and perform a quick search.

Starting today, Google's algorithms will be updated to give mobile-friendly (that is, websites who have a specific, easy-to-use design for mobile experiences) websites a rankings boost during mobile searches.

For many, this isn't a big deal. The average user will enjoy that searching the web from their smartphone will be easier (let's face it, opening a website designed for a 15" screen on your smartphone isn't' enjoyable). A more savvy user might marvel at the ingenuity behind an algorithm that puts usability up there with quality and age of content.

For business owners, the update will either validate a great decision in investing in responsive design for their website - or this should be a call to invest in responsive design now.

Statistics are showing that users are picking up their mobile devices to perform searches even in the presence of more traditional Internet-ready devices. They're more likely to visit a store after a mobile, local search. They're even more likely to purchase from a business after a mobile, local search. Anyone in the business of reaching out to an audience simply cannot avoid providing a quality mobile experience.

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