The Brand Forward Website Package

Squarespace web redesign + ongoing support that will move your Brand Forward.

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Launch Quickly

We’ll redesign your website in just two weeks because we know that time = money. No more DIY hack jobs or late nights hunched over CSS that’s just not working.


Update Monthly

Your business isn’t static and your website shouldn’t be either. Benefit from a discount on your choice of support plans so you’re not stuck with the same content for years.


Brand Forward

From design to maintenance, we’re the marketing team you always knew you needed but didn’t think you could afford. We’ll take care of bringing your smart business ideas to life.



When you hire us, you're not just getting a pair of web designers. It’s our job to take your brilliant business and put it online so your ideal prospects can find you, get to know you, and ultimately hire you. We’ll make sure your website works 24/7 to support your marketing goals with dedicated pages for services or promotional pop-ups with links that help users convert. With us on your team, you no longer have to stay late in the office and think about what kind of page layout will guide your customers to a CTA, or how to make Google show your upcoming events in search results.

We are your key to a life where you don’t have to carve out time to update your website whenever information about your business changes, you hire someone new, or you have a new product to sell. You’ll soon find that removing overhead like that is just the type of efficiency that matches our style! We developed our signature service after working with hundreds of clients and our process will help you launch quickly while allowing you room to grow and adapt over time.


  • You’ve been eyeing our Squarespace Website Redesign service but know that you’re going to need some ongoing support, guidance or training

  • You need to get online quickly (honestly, isn’t this everyone?)

  • Your business is a startup, actively growing or in an industry that changes often.


Style Reboot
+ New template installed if needed or just a complete rework of your current template
+ A visual refresh across your entire site - layout, color, typography, spacing and navigation updates
+ Basic custom coding & CSS so things don’t feel DIY

Content Updates
+ Content organized & optimized for SEO
+ Edits to existing copy on your website
+ Upload new content - images, video, audio, copy, blog posts, events, etc.

Feature Updates
+ Integrate new native and third-party features to improve user experience and business operations. Features can include:

  • Live Chat

  • Menus / Online Ordering

  • Donations

  • Scheduling Apps

  • Cookie Banners

  • Announcement Bars

  • Password-protected Pages

  • Dropbox-Sync

  • Sidebars

  • CSS Animations

  • Read More (collapsible content)

  • Lightbox Pop-Ups

Expert Guidance & Process
+ 30-minute launch call so we can help uncover areas we can help your business most
+ Step-by-step, iterative process that will allow you to provide your input and feedback during key milestones of the project
+ Have a new site ready to launch in just a few weeks!

Exclusive Brand Forward Discount on Your Choice of Support Plans
+ Choose from Monthly Fix, General Upkeep or Marketing & Support Plans
+ 15% off 3-month subscriptions / 25% off 6-month subscriptions

Brand Forward Website projects are $1280, payable in two installments, plus the monthly cost for your the maintenance plan of your choice ($80 - $360/month). Signing up is a simple 2-step process: first select the day/time of your launch call and complete the info for your website redesign. You’ll then be redirected to the Step 2 page to choose your support plan. Easy!