Brand design means so much more than logo design. A logo is a start - a foundation - from which to build a complete visual identity. However, we approach branding holistically, taking into account your identity, your past, and the future you aspire to. As we move through our process, we create a complete suite of brand assets - a logo, submarks, patterns, fonts, color palettes, etc. - that provide a foundation from which to build all the other things your brand will need to compete in the marketplace - a website, social media, print marketing, and so on. 

working with us is simple and collaborative, our process is organized into four logical phases 


Brand identity projects are rooted in a strong understanding of the business or organization in question. The define phase is highly exploratory and collaborative. To do our best work we have to learn as much as we can about the brand in question and develop a strong sense of the design aesthetic that will best represent it. 


Designing a logo and brand identity is one of the most exciting endeavors we undertake at Markon. Here, we take the knowledge we've gained in the previous phase to create a number of concepts for you to review. As our work develops, whole identities emerge, with ideas about color, typography, patterns, and so on.


This phase is highly collaborative, and designed to include at least three revision rounds that give you, the client, an opportunity to provide feedback and direction on the concepts we submit to you.We'll work together to finalize an identity, and address the brand elements you'll work with everyday. 


When it is all said and done, our work is yours. We'll provide you with all of the files for the brand elements that we design, in multiple file formats, in various color versions. All in all, clients often end up with hundreds of files. Sounds overwhelming, right? We'll be sure to key you in on which ones you'll need on the regular.