This is Where It All Starts

Your brand is the foundation on which all of your marketing and communication efforts stand. It defines who you are, and visually identifies your products, and the locations in which you offer your services. When someone buys your product it tells other people where they were and how they invest their time and money. From our perspective, branding is at the heart of everything that you do, and everything that we can do for you.

And we believe branding is about so much more than designing a logo. Branding is about creating the entire suite of visual elements that will define your brand. Those elements include submarks (variations of your logo design to fit in the spaces where your primary logo won’t - like social media), fonts, colors, patterns, and even weights of paper and other print features that give your brand a feel when a card, or product packaging, makes its way into a customer’s hand.

We have branded new businesses, and re-branded (or refined) established organizations. Our team matches our expertise in design with our understanding of communications to develop brand designs that speak to your identity and the audience you exist to serve.

Relevant Work

Brand Identity Development

Project Ideas

What do our branding services mean for you? Well, you might come to us to design a logo for your company, or a logo for a product line. Or, perhaps you want to update your look altogether. Our team is ready to talk about where you want to take your brand. Here are a few project ideas: 

Brand Identity Creation: This is perfect for new businesses and organizations that want to establish a strong visual identity from the very start! We'll work with the founder and/or creative lead to establish a strong creative brief and then develop concepts for a complete brand identity suite. 

Brand Style Guides: Great for both new and established organizations. Our team will audit your existing brand assets (logo, fonts, patterns, signage, etc.), your marketing materials, and activity online to assess your style, and then develop a guide that defines how to use your visual brand elements. Remember, consistency is key!  

Brand Refinement: For the organization that is established in its community, but needs to update its look and feel for its audience, or to continue its growth trajectory. Our team will work with yours to determine the best route forward in terms of visual identity, and then craft a solution that honors the direction you're moving in. 

Logo Design: Think of all the places we see logos, or variations of logos. A company will have one, but so might a product line offered by the company. Similarly, a multi-division or location organization might have different logos - or submarks as we would call them - to represent the different areas of the organization. Whether you need a logo to represent your company, or a line of products, our team of designers will work with you to create a design that represents your endeavor.  

Logo Update: Always refine! It's one of our mantras, for sure! Sometimes a logo just needs to be adjusted to match the times, or to speak to an evolving audience. Conversely, the entity the logo represents may have changed so much that the original logo is no longer quite representative of the character and culture it represents.