Portland Development Group Investments

Communication is key in any relationship. Open communication builds strong bonds, develops brand loyalty, and keeps stakeholders invested in your enterprise. Similarly, evocative communication attracts new clients or stakeholders to your business. Portland Development Group Investments relies on clear, consistent, and near-constant channels of communication to attract new members and keep current stakeholders up-to-date. We distill their information into on-brand, concise messaging that can be delivered in digital and print formats.

What We Did: Marketing Brochure; Data Visualization

Marketing Brochure

PDGI Investor Brochure Mockup 1.png
PDGI Investor Brochure Mockup 2.png

Print Collateral

PDGI Flyer Mockup 1.png
PDGI Flyer Mockup 2.png
PEG Flyer Mockup.png

Trade Show Banners

PDG Banner Stand Mockup.png

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