1000 Stories

Putting Fresh Ink On New Pages

What We Did

  • Brand Identity Creation
    • Logo + Submark Design
    • Brand Pattern Design 
    • Brand Color + Font Selection
  • Business Card Design 
  • Letterhead Design
  • Business Card Printing

We meet 1000 Stories  before they were called 1000 Stories. When they were an idea born out of a desire to help people of all walks of life create events as spectacular as the reasons the events are meant to celebrate. As brand designers we love meeting founders when their business is at the moment of inception. In terms of design, inception means an open, white canvas full of potential. In terms of ideas, founders tend to be brimming with them. In this case, the founder of 1000 Stories, Melodi Ramquist, came to us with ideas, founded in experience and propelled by the desire to see great events come to life. Ultimately she settled on the name 1000 Stories, based on the idea that her new brand would be built by the many stories she would encounter as an event planner and coordinator. In turn, the brand would become a vessel for those stories, made of human characters, triumphs, celebrations, and joy. This is a brand that is about the dynamic nature of human life, about growth, celebration, connection, and memory.

Creating The Brand Identity

1000 Stories_Primary Logo - Full Color.png

Early on, brands are as dynamic as their founder and their mission. In the case of 1000 Stories, there was a lot of dynamism to visually portray. The brand has a clear purpose, but that purpose is amorphous in how it’s executed. The brand has a clear place in human social dynamics, but that significance of that place has to diligently created. The brand inherently celebrates growth and aspires to create a vessel for memory, and so it’s positive in nature and active in its operation.

We worked through a number of concepts for 1000 Stories. The first run ran through a whole series of distinct ideas, but ultimately the themes of forward motion, the folding and folding dynamism of human life, and organic growth kept recurring.

The final brand concept represents these themes entirely. The birch trees represent organic growth and the linear narrative of human development. The paper crane represents the dynamism of the human spirit, as well as the delicate and deliberate nature of event planning. The color pallette is calm, yet infused with energy, and the shape of the logo was chosen to allow the brand’s primary visual signifier to work across digital and print channels.

1000 Stories_Primary Logo - Grayscale.png

Brand Submarks And Pattern

We firmly subscribe to the notion that a logo cannot work on its own. No matter how you bend them, or stretch them, eventually they will break. So, why do either when you can have submarks designed to serve you in those places where your primary logo doesn’t quite fit? In addition to a submarks, we provided separate brand pattern files. Brand patterns are valuable assets. They make for excellent backgrounds in digital environments and embellishments in print materials. For 1000 Stories, determining a pattern was simple.

1000 Stories - BIRCH PATTERN.png

Business Cards & Letterhead

The business card never died. Either did letterhead. When you're a burgeoning brand with people to meet and information to hand out, the best tools you can harness are the ones you can put directly into someone's hand. Business cards do that better than any other branded print item. Letterhead provides a vessel to print everything from a memo to staff, to a proposal to a new client. Creating both in a way that communicated the character of the brand was simple. The card had to be evocative yet wholesome. It's message is that 1000 Stories is a force of empowerment. The letterhead, on the other hand, had to communicate that this document means business, while also taking a step back to let the content on the rest of the page take a lead. 


1000 Stories is poised to transform lives and elevate experiences from momentous to extraordinary. As a brand, it is equipped with the tools it needs to communicate itself in the spaces where its clients can find it. Building a business with a complete suite of branded items is always a powerful first step in creating a public identity in the marketplace. 1000 Stories has truly invested in the right tools to plant strong roots in its community.