We love to style a website that is built with the best of intentions. TechTalks is an important initiative that’s all about digital health through productive dialogue and education. It’s no surprise then that the organization had excellent content that just needed a polished platform to live on. Our team refined the site’s design and structure to ensure that future visitors could learn all about the San Francisco, California based nonprofit and, most importantly, reach out and talk.

Maple Lofts

Style is important. So is integrity and ease of access. Maple Lofts website is all about creating clear paths to pertinent information that can save lives. The Jersey City, New Jersey nonprofit has an extraordinary and vital mission. To help them realize it, our team created a straightforward design that takes a backseat to the information the site provides.

Jenny Be Art

Entrepreneurs have to share two things: their craft and their passion for their craft. To help Jenny Be do just that we built a website that could be described as both airy and precise. We used ample white space to give the pops of dynamic color, which defines her art, room to expand and entice. The straightforward site layout makes it easy to navigate between blog and shop and back again. The result is a website that helps the Temecula, California based artist sell her most exquisite works.

CX Advisors

Responsive design (read: mobile-friendly) is an absolute must. It’s so fundamental we rarely talk about it because we take it for granted. Yet, creating a responsive design that can scale down from the screen of a 21” iMac to a standard iPhone isn’t always so simple. CX Advisors hired Markon to resolve image scaling issues on their website and to audit their content for both message and format. We delivered the client a script of custom code to resolve their scaling issue and then we provided a report with our recommendation for improving their site’s value as a brand and marketing asset.

Julia Otis

We love a good digital portfolio. Julia Otis came to us with a dream to build a gorgeous web portfolio. As a UX designer and business pro, she had great ideas, but no resources to implement along with all of her other life responsibilities. Markon was hired to take her dream and build the nearest representation of her ideas as possible. The resulting website is a marriage between her design guidance and our technical implementation.

Brewganic Coffee

An aspiring quick service food brand needs a website as enticing as the scent of its product. Especially when it’s coffee! This Auburn, Washington based coffee brand came to Markon to help launch a simple, concise website. We took Brewganic’s existing brand identity and built a website that’s meant to be a hearty sip of all the brand has to offer. Just a sip, though. You have to go out into the real world to have the whole experience.

Lord Interior Design

Content is king and the structure of your website is the thrown upon which is rests. Lake Oswego, Oregon based Lord Interior Design came to us to build a new portfolio website. They brought with them thousands of photos and hours worth of dialogue describing their identity, process, experiences, and services. We took the breadth of all of those things and built a website that has an editorial feel, so that visitors feel like they’re comfortably browsing a publication as they learn more about how Lord can help them live beautifully in their home.

Foode Cafe & Catering

A brand built on the principle of bringing all things fresh has to look fresh, too, right? Right. Foode Cafe & Catering had been bringing the meals to Vancouver, Washington for a hot minute before the founders came to Markon and asked us to give their visual identity a fresh squeeze. We took their request to use the color green and a single letter and then gave their logo a total redo. Our deliverable included a solid gray iteration of the logo as a tool they could use to stand out, too.

Green Mountain Structural Engineering

Markon was hired by Green Mountain Structural Engineering shortly after the structural engineering firm was founded to design a brand identity and website that spoke to a sense of precision and expertise. Given the direction to lean toward the literal, our team developed a brand identity and website that relies on expressions of elements of the name. As the firm grew, so do our relationship, and today Markon manages the design and production of their print marketing collateral, and public relations strategy.

Hadley Beauty Co.

We were brought on to launch Hadley Beauty Co.’s brand identity and reputation. To do so, we designed a clean, modern brand identity and developed print collateral to match. For the launch event, our team designed and produced a print invitation for select guests, and then crafted a press release that we distributed to a list of industry-specific media figures and influencers.

1000 Stories Events

Repeat after us: design your brand identity at the launch of your company. Say it again. Markon was selected to design the brand identity and print collateral for 1000 Stories, a Pacific Northwest based event planning group. We took a few design queues from the brand’s founder and ran with them. The result is a quirky, fun, vibrant brand identity that looks great in print and online. As the company has grown they’ve been able to leave their mark on everything they’ve done. Literally. That helps build a reputation, too.

Portland Development Group

Business communications don’t have to be drab. In fact, creativity is THE differentiator in business. In the case of Portland Development Group, Markon’s creative services help the real estate development brand market to prospective customers and communicate to their stakeholders. The result is consistent, clear communication that delivers impact.

Waste Connections

Our team has designed and produced a wide array of operational assets for Waste Connections. For this project, the Pacific Northwest giant came to us to develop a public information campaign around a charity campaign they were running. We designed a brand identity for the campaign, complete with tagline, and then created print and digital collateral to get the message out.

Dress for Success Oregon

Design can be a vehicle for empowerment. That’s exactly how we used it for our friends at Dress For Success Oregon. The Pacific Northwest chapter of the national organization came to us for design and strategy on two separate fundraising campaigns. Our team developed social media and public relations strategies and then designed collateral for both, including social graphics, direct mail items, and even billboards featured around Portland, Oregon.

Men's Natural Care Products

Our team worked with the founder of Men’s Natural Care Products to design a brand identity, product packaging, and labels around an entire customer demographic. Based on the data provided to us and guidance from the founder, we created an identity system that works seamlessly across mediums, be it social media, a box, or bottle.

Stem Floral Design

Our team created rack cards and Facebook ads for Vancouver, Washington based Stem Floral Design. For each item we provided copy, art direction, and graphic design. We executed the Facebook advertising campaign, which provided the perfect digital complement to the marketing campaign the rack cards fulfilled.

WE Plan It

The Vancouver, Washington based global event planning agency came to us for support with print and digital marketing collateral. To help them out we developed new messaging that then gave life to a new series of rack cards and then a Facebook ad campaign.

Velonia Boutique

Markon was commissioned by Velonia to take an existing brand identity and create new marketing collateral. Our team took all of their brand assets and created a system or rack cards, business cards, and outdoor signage to drive local foot traffic to the Vancouver, Washington based clothier.

Infinity Events

The founder of Infinity Events commissioned Markon to design the Las Vegas-based event planning company’s brand identity, website, and print collateral. While the founder worked on business strategy, research, and business development, we created all of the collateral the brand would need to grow.