Bay Cove Human Services

As the oldest human services organization in the state of Massachusetts, Bay Cove Human Services is a complex organization that offers a wide range of services, manages dozens of programs, employees 2,000+ employees and has over 175 locations. Whew! When their team came to us for a new website, the need was clear. The site they were operating on was old, outdated, lacking responsive design features and was (to put it plainly) just hard to navigate.

Depending on your need, sometimes accurate information was obscure and inaccurate information was easily found. It was disorienting and didn’t do this amazing organization justice. To help Bay Cove, we led them through several knowledge management and content mapping activities. We put together an inventory of everything available on their previous site and worked with them to build an accurate inventory of what should be available on the new site. Outdated content was dropped and information was reorganized based on how visitors actually interact with it. We mapped content out to fit into categories that guided how we developed their site structure and navigation.

The design of the site was also given a major facelift. The organization did have some modern design elements they were using in real life - they just needed to be brought online! We took a stack of recent publications, annual reports and other graphic elements and used them as inspiration to develop a web aesthetic that featured a bold, fresh color palette with plenty of white space to allow content to breathe. We implemented a color strategy that tied certain colors with desired calls-to-action to improve user experience and help things feel more intuitive.

The needs of an organization this robust depend on the generosity and support of their community, so we implemented a donation system that allows donors to give to the program of their choice or even in memory or honor of a friend or loved one. The end result is a robust, yet easily navigable, site with a great search feature, easy to find donation buttons and, most importantly, more direct access to the many programs and services Bay Cove provides.

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