Cozure is a rising fashion brand - the cashmere marriage between cozy and couture. If founder, Tan Gopal, had her way the perfect cashmere t-shirt and pocketed dress would have a proud place in every wardrobe on the planet. That’s a lofty AND a comfy feat, for sure. Right now, however, the brand is mostly publishing its thoughts on fashion, travel, lifestyle, and beauty while its line of artisan clothing is in development. To help Cozure reach its audience online we developed a website that is a one-stop destination for blog posts, video reviews, and more. Because new brands that are location-neutral rely almost exclusively on social media as the place to find their followers, we built a website that is 100% mobile-first.

The desktop version of the site is simply a wide-screen version of its mobile self. This design choice creates a beautifully consistent experience across devices, while nimbly tucking the site’s navigation inside an expandable side menu where visitors can also get all the “need to know” info on the brand. The simple, plain-language navigation allows for easy content discovery and movement around the site. Everything anyone could want to know about Cozure is within thumb’s reach! We injected Cozure’s signature red into elements site wide to give the brand a consistent visual digital identity and integrated a robust on-page Instagram feed to reinforce the brand’s aesthetic for the new or returning visitor.

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