Dress For Success

Empowering Women To Fight Poverty

What We Did

  • Giving Campaign Strategy
    • Donor Site Strategy
    • Giving Letter Strategy
    • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Graphics 
  • Billboard Ad Design
  • Print Design - Campaign Cards
  • Printing

Dress for Success, as a national organization, is lauded for its work to empower women who seek to enter the workforce. Chapters across the United States partner with public and private organizations to raise money and resources to give women the tools, skills, and yes, even the clothes, they need to gain lucrative, long-term employment. This winter, the Oregon chapter, located in downtown Portland, decided to run an entire campaign focused on the needs of single mothers (a demographic that makes up a large segment of their service population). The campaign, aptly branded #MomGotAJob, focused on expanding Dress for Success - Oregon's donor base in the Portland metro area, and reconnecting with their traditional support population. 

    Markon provided guidance in the creation and execution of the #MomGotAJob giving campaign. We put our digital strategy and graphic design talents to great use, to help launch a multi-channel, multi-medium campaign, complete with print advertising and information cards, and a robust social media strategy.  

    The Giving Campaign

    DFS - Oregon is a robust organization in its own right. We worked closely with the chapter's communication director, and other members of the leadership staff to bring life to an idea they had set to percolate before we came on board. Like any contemporary giving campaign, this one had two components: print and digital. The print component was simple: design five billboard ads to be seen across Portland, Oregon to increase brand awareness for DFS - Oregon and introduce #MomGotAJob to the city. Two additional print pieces would be released. First, a solicitation to an existing donor base, followed by information cards to be dispersed among select audiences. 

    DFS Social Graphics_Instagram Ad 21.png

    The digital component was a bit different. First things first: logistics. DFS - Oregon, with oversight from our digital strategy team built a landing page for #MomGotAJob that interfaced with their donation management application so that donations made specifically for/because of this campaign could be tallied. Then, we worked closely with the chapter's communication director to develop a 60 day social media strategy for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Organized around a central bank of images design by Markon, and the hashtag #MomGotAJob the campaign was designed to be a major brand awareness and web referral exercise.  

    Billboard Ad Design

    Art direction and design for the billboard ads was aligned around the core idea that the story worth telling here is that this campaign empowers single mother's to provide for their children. Images were chosen to be emotionally evocative and copy included was meant to drive home what empowerment manifests as in terms of capabilities. 

    DFS Billboard Mockups-01.png
    DFS Billboard Mockups-02.png
    DFS Billboard Mockups-03.png
    DFS Billboard Mockups-05.png
    DFS Billboard Mockups-04.png

    Social Media Graphics


    Print Design

    The tactile experience of holding something in your hand and moving it to read is one that should never be mistaken. We often advise clients to include a print component to a digital campaign, even if it's meant for the smallest segment of their audience. These information pieces are meant to be visually engaging, with a potent message, and travel-sized so that they can be comfortably carried anywhere. 

    Design is the point of differentiation. This is true no matter if you are leading a commercial, brand awareness, public information, or charitable giving campaign. #MomGotAJob is an remarkable initiative with an excellent goal. Design is constantly working to advance opportunity in the world and in this case, it was employed to create tangible change in people's lives. We can't think of a better use of anyone's time or talents.