F.I.T. Ave Website

F.I.T. Ave

What We Did

  • Website Design
  • Custom Graphics
  • Photo Editing
  • Gated Content Setup
  • Application Integration

For these guys it's all about the journey, and we couldn't agree more!  F.I.T Ave  - the F.I.T. stands for "functional intensive training," is still one of the youngest personal training gyms in Vancouver, Washington, yet at hardly a year into their game F.I.T. Ave is onto its second website. Why? Not because they needed to expand their already robust suite of features, or improve the delivery of information, but instead the website upgrade is meant to reflect the growth of their brand. Through the inventive and industrious efforts of F.I.T. Ave's team, the brand itself has grown enormously since its inception. What was once a hardly known name for a precarious space in a sleepy part of town is now a name synonymous with fitness innovation - and community. The brand grew so fast that the old website, although beloved, no longer entirely represented the brand. The task here was not to add new bells and whistles to F.I.T Ave’s already interactive website, but to refine its presentation to show a business that has very quickly successfully flexed its might. 


Site Features

  • Responsive Website Design (mobile-friendly)
  • Personalized Domain
  • Secure Anti-Spam Hosting
  • Easy-to-Read Site Analytics
  • Gated, Client-Login-Only, Virtual Training Feature
  • Embedded Calls-To-Action
  • Incorporated On-Site Photography
  • Refined Site Branding

Refined Design

For the new website we privileged information over visuals. With ample white space on every page and a restrained version of F.I.T. Ave’s color palette, we created an interface in which the user’s information needs, and the various call-to-action buttons placed throughout the site lead the experience.

In terms of design, this is a step away from the original website, which was visually evocative. The new site provides enough in visuals to illustrate F.I.T. Ave’s identity as soon as the user lands on the homepage. From the homepage forward, a minimalist approach reiterates the aforementioned emphasis on information and action.

The minimalism of the new design inherently also about less distraction. With the many embedded calls-to-action, be they light boxed forms, or contact buttons, there is little in between the user and the start of their fitness path with F.I.T. Ave. 


Exclusive, Client Access Only

What happens when your services are so desired that clients who can't physically come to your location still want your service? You set up web-based services! Then you gate those services behind a login-required paywall. F.I.T. Ave's first site included the same service, we just gave it a facelift. On the other side are all the personal training videos and instructions you could need. 

A Website That Can Count Its Own Reps

As brands grow and mature their assets must as well. The same is true as technology evolves. Some small business owners might have waited to implement a virtual training system on their website. At F.I.T. Ave they looked around, assessed what technologies it would take to make it happen and then moved forward with it. This is also true of their social media and marketing efforts. Their inhibition to move forward is a prime example of how when you match talent with pragmatism and you act on ideas, you can build a strong business. This website is another stone in the path that is F.I.T. Ave's journey and we are excited for what might come next.