Foode Cafe & Catering

Growing Into A Brand Identity

Foode Cafe and Catering is a fresh new force in the local food scene. The brand is the one of a few launched by two regional restaurateurs, who have launched successful brands entirely on the simple desire to connect people to good food and beautiful spaces. We were commissioned to refine Foode’s primary logo. The task was both simple and complex: stay true to the single letter mark, incorporate an icon as an embellishment, and be sure to nod toward the idea of freshness. To complete our work we first completed an environmental scan of all restaurant brands in the immediate area, including formal dining, cafes, patisseries, and other quick-service brands. That information allowed us to make sure the new Foode logo stood out in terms of shape, color, and typography. The resulting logo stays true to the original single-letter look while adding character and flare to give it a new form altogether.